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1. Grave DiggerGrave Digger
Year created: 1981

Grave Digger is one of the most popular monster trucks of all time. The truck was originally conceived in 1981, and the lead driver and creator of the auto, Dennis Anderson, actually keeps several machines running to allow the truck to compete in multiple events at the same time. Anderson was also one of the early pioneers in Monster Truck competitions in the United States making the current schedule of competitions possible for other professional truck drivers. Anderson would go on to sell the Grave Digger team to USA Motor Sports in 1998, and still drives for the company to this day. To date, there have been 32 trucks with the Grave Digger title, and the current auto is powered by a 555 cubic inch Merlin engine rated at approximately 1700 horsepower.

2. Bigfoot
Year created: 1975

Bigfoot is known as the original Monster Truck, and it was created in 1975 and introduced to the public in 1979. The truck is both owned and operated by Bob Chandler. The truck has the distinction of being the inspiration for the term “Monster Truck” that was coined by Truck-a-Rama promoter Bob George. Bigfoot is the first truck to be used in promotions for driving over junk cars in the first even car crushes, and would go on to see a number of different versions of the truck over the years. To date, there have been 21 Bigfoot trucks driven in competitions, and similar to the Undertaker, the trucks can be entered in more than one competition at a time. The company has established strong relationships with Summit Racing, ViCor, and Firestone as well as Microsoft.

3. Maximum DestructionDSC0827
Year created: 2003

Maximum Destruction was hit the Monster Truck circuit in 2003 and is one of the most successful and popular Monster Trucks in the world. The truck was previously known as “Goldberg” due to a marketing agreement with Clear Channel (now Field Entertainment) and the WCW (World Championship Wrestling) to create Monster Trucks based on popular wrestlers. By 2001, the WCW had been bought out, and the team renamed the truck for the 2003 racing season to Maximum Destruction. The truck is often introduced on equal billing to Grave Digger, and there are currently three of the trucks that tour at once. The truck also provided the inspiration for the first aerial backflip of a Monster Truck, and has since landed a complete backflip. The truck continues to be a consistent competitor for the World Championships every year and remains one of the most popular trucks on the circuit.

4. Monster Mutt
IMG 1013
Year created: 2003

Monster Mutt is one of the most popular Monster Trucks driven in competition today. The auto has been in competition in the USHRA (United States Hot Rod Association) Monster Jam since 2003. The truck is modeled after a 1951 Mercury, and it is decked out as a dog to include a tail, tongue, and big ears. The truck is driven by Dustin Brown, and over time the team has included both Rottweiler and Dalmatian versions of the truck. The auto has made it to the World Finals every year since the truck first debuted. Monster Mutt won the 2010 Advance Auto Parts NGK Spark Plugs Monster Jam World Finals Freestyle Championship. The truck is powered by a 540 CI Merlin engine rated at 1,500 horsepower and features 66 inch Terra wheels.

5. Bear Foot
Bearfoot Wheelie 3
Year created: 1979

Bear Foot is one of the most popular Monster Trucks in the United States and is one of the original competitors on the professional circuit from the 1980s. The truck was built and designed by Fred Shafer and Jack Wilman with the original auto body consisting of a Chevrolet base but is now built on a Dodge Ram. Bear Foot won the 1990, 1992, and 1993 USHRA Camel Mud and Monsters Championship. In the late 1990s, the truck was sold and Fred retired from the professional circuit. Today, Paul Shafer owns and drives the truck which largely dries in small promotional efforts. Before Fred Shafer sold Bear Foot, the Monster Truck was one of the primary rivals competing against Big Foot.

6. Batman
IMG 1215
Year created: 2006

Batman is one of the most popular Monster Trucks in competition in the United States. The truck was the World Champion in 2008 on the USHRA (United States Hot Rod Association Circuit), and the auto has also take part in three Monster Jam finals where it on the driving competition in 2007 and 2008. The truck is licensed by DC Comics, and it is powered by a 540 cubic inch Merlin Chevy engine. The truck first debuted under Jason Childress Driving in Charlotte, North Carolina and is owned by Field Entertainment today. Batman underwent a significant overhaul in 2013, and John Seasock returned to drive the Monster Truck in 2014. The truck is powered by a 540 cubic inch Merlin Chevy engine.

7. Donkey Kong
Year created: 2007

The Donkey Kong Monster Truck was first created in 2007 and was an instant hit with fans on the professional Monster Truck circuit. Based on the popular Nintendo video game, the Donkey Kong truck is modeled after the gorilla from the game to include a tuft of hair, big ears, and a red bow tie. Donkey Kong weighs approximately 10,000 pounds and rides on 66 inch Terra tires. The truck continues to compete in the Monster Jam Circuit, and it remains a favorite amongst fans across the United States.

8. Towasaurus Wrex
Towasaurus Wrex
Year created: 1988

Towasaurus Wrex has the distinction of being the first Monster Truck on the circuit to be based on a tow truck vice traditional pick-up. The auto is based on a 1946 Chevy Tow Truck and first debuted for the public in 1988. Over time, the truck owner and driver, Jeff Bursey, has decreased the frequency that he drives the truck in competition to the point that fans can still expect to see him compete, just not as often as in the past. Since the truck first debuted, it was joined by Hammer Time and the alter egos of Towasaurus: Tow Mater and Jethro Tow. The truck is powered by a 428 cubic inch Chevy engine and is one of the most popular Monster Trucks on the circuit today.

9. Cyborg
Cyborg (truck )
Year created: Early 1990s

The Cyborg Monster Truck first debuted in the early 1990s and is one of the most popular Monster Trucks on the circuit today. The truck is unique in the aspect that it is the only two-wheeled drive truck on the competitive circuit. The front two wheels on the truck are not powered, and it has an independent front suspension. Although this makes for a big disadvantage when driving over obstacles, the truck has been one of the best performing trucks on the USHRA Monster Jam series, and it has also been recognized as one of the most innovative creations in the Monster Truck world. The truck is owned and operated by Jack Koberna, and he also owns a four-wheel drive Monster Truck known as Tuff-E-Nuff on occasion. Cyborg is powered by a 496 Big Block Chevy engine and continues to be updated and compete today.

10. El Toro Loco
IMG 6420
Year created: 2001

El Toro Loco is one of the most popular Monster Trucks in the world. The truck features a 3D body shel along with hors and is designed to create a fearsome image for its fans. Driver Lupe Soza has won one world championship since driving the truck that is powered by a 540 inch Merlin Chevy engine. There have been a number of drivers of the truck over the years, and kids make up a significant portion of the truck’s fans. The truck saw a significant makeover in 2013, and the current team of trucks was expanded to four automobiles in 2012 with a total of seven being built during the lifetime of the truck. The auto is powered by a 540 cubic inch Merlin big block engine and uses a Coan two-speed transmission.

11. Smart ForFun2 Car Monster Truck
2006 smart forfun2 Concept
Year created: 2006

The Smart ForFun2 Car Monster Truck was the second attempt at converting one of the highly popular European Smart cars into a Monster Truck. The more successful conversion of the car into a Monster Truck was accomplished by Greek 4×4 champion Steffan Attart and Mercedes Benz Greece. The truck is fully made to specifications, and it has a ground clearance of two feet. The truck is constructed between the shell of a Smart ForTwo automobile along with the four-wheel drive of a Mercedes Unimog 406. The auto stands at 12 feet tall, and it is not made to compete in Monster Truck competitions. The truck is powered by the OM 352 six-cylinder diesel engine that is 5,675 cc in size and rated at a total of 84 horsepower which is more than sufficient for the ForFun2 as a demonstration truck.

12. Blue Thunder
Blue Thunder coming down
Year created: 2000

The Blue Thunder Monster Truck first debuted in 2000 and is one of the most popular in the USHRA Monster Jam series. The truck shares a number of traits with Big Foot, and many fans thought at one point it was designated to replace the popular truck in the professional series. The truck has won a number of major tournaments during its lifetime, and it was not in competition during 2012 after Todd LeDuc moved to an alternative ride after the 2011 season. The truck was brought back in 2013, and is based on an F Series Ford pickup truck powered by a 540 ci Merlin, Blown & Injected engine. The truck performs at more than 20 events each year, and there are a total of two trucks built carrying the Blue Thunder name to aid in maximizing the shows it can perform at throughout the year.

13. Sudden Impact
sudden impact
Year created: 1990

Sudden Impact is a popular Monster Truck that first started driving in the USHRA Monster Jam series in 1990. The truck has been to four World Finals, and it is the first truck to use a driveline blanket made of Kevlar that helps ensure that driveshaft parts will not leave the truck area when they break potentially harming fans or officials. In 2010, the truck got a new driver with Ben Winslow who stayed with her for two years and went through a renaming of the truck to Ground Pounder. Since that time, there have been a number of drivers of the Monster Truck that remains highly popular with circuit fans.

14. Tropical Thunder
A Thunderous Path
Year created: approximately 2007

Tropical Thunder is not only a very cool Monster Truck, but it is also one of the most popular on the Monster Truck circuit today. The auto is powered by a 540 CI Dart Motor rated at 1,500 horsepower coupled to a Coan two-speed Powerglide transmission. The truck uses 66 inch Terra tires, and it is a familiar sight on the Monster Jam circuit. The truck started out on a bull dozer chassis, and is a regular competitor at shows throughout the United States today.

15. Zombie
Year created: 2013

The Zombie Monster Truck first made its debut in 2013, and it is an extremely popular Monster Truck on the Monster Jam circuit in the United States. Sean Duhon is the driver of the truck that is powered by a 540 CI Merlin engine rated at 1,500 horsepower and is coupled to a Coan 2-speed transmission. The Zombie truck uses 66 inch Terra tires, and the overall design of the vehicle was in direct response to fan demand with the name Zombie winning an online vote for the name of the vehicle. Sean Duhon was selected to drive the truck after having much success behind the wheel of other popular trucks to include Superman. Zombie also has its own Hot Wheels car by the same name and design as many of the other popular Monster Trucks on the professional circuit today.


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