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A Singapore-based startup company, Tinymos, recently announced their new project - a small camera mostly intended for those with the keen interest in astronomy.

Its name is Tiny1 and there’s been some talk of the crowd funding set for November on Indiegogo. The team working on the camera has high hopes regarding the funding – they hope it will be successful enough to bring the camera on the shelves to stores around the world.

So far, Tinymos has managed to raise around $140.000 from angel investors, plus a nice $175.000 incentive from the Singapore government. The company expects over 2 million Americans to be interested in Tiny1.

The whole idea of Tinymos is to become the GoPro of stargazing, so the company has published some amazing shots of the moon and stars. The cam will certainly be great for events such as the recent supermoon lunar eclipse.

Tinymos, the company founded last year, already has a working prototype; the only thing missing is the battery pack that will allow the device to continue working even when not connected to the USB power source.

The image sensor contained in the camera allows the user to mount better lenses, plus it also features an image sensor that’s more sensitive to low light. Also, it looks awesome featuring simplistic, industrial metaldesign.

The camera will certainly be nice for occasions like the recent supermoon lunar eclipse


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