4:58 AM
Seeing a self-destructive chip on screen in Mission Impossible or similar action movies wouldn’t cause much excitement, right? But seeing it in real life – a whole another story!

However, Xerox PARC engineers have managed to develop such a chip as part of DARPA’s Vanishing Programmable Resources project.The chip actually explodes in tiniest of pieces.

They used Gorilla Glass technology in order to make it work. And yes, it’s actually the technology used for many smartphone devices today. According to engineers they "ion-exchange temper[ed] it to build in stress." In other words, the heavily stressed piece of glass will easily shatter when triggered.

The self-destructible chip was demonstrated at the recent DARPA’s event. You can see in the video below – they used a laser to trigger the self-destructing process (although not just lasers can act as triggers, but also radio signals or physical switch). Not only that the chip exploded, but its shards actually continued to shatter into the smallest of pieces!

It is expected that pretty soon this chip will be used to protect the most sensitive encrypted data.


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