7:32 AM

Logitech has recently unveiled the Logi Circle, home security camera. It’s pretty affordable, so this might be what you were looking for. The camera will be included in the new “Logi” branding. So, what’s that special about the Logi Circle?

It reminds a bit of the Nest Cam revealed earlier this month. However, when talking about security cameras, this one includes all the basic features expected from a security cam – it can livestream HD videos directly to the smartphone; plus it also has an interesting 30-second Daily Brief feature, that sort of – recaps the highlights of the day, which of course saves you time when checking the stream.

There is also a feature called Scene Intuition which is more than interesting - it actually learns about your habits and daily rituals, and shows you only those scenes from the footage that aren’t usual.
A 2-Way Talk & Listen feature allows you to communicate with people at home. Yeah, it does sound a bit creepy, but we’re sure that many people find it handy more often than not.


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