8:48 AM

Those who have prudently decided to not drive when they drink often find that the safest way to get home is by public transportation. However, in Japan, where a lot of commute is done by train, there is an inherent danger for a would-be passenger - falling onto the tracks. 221 people were hurt in such accidents in 2013, and 60% of those injuries were caused by drunkenness.  Railway company JR West has decided to combat the cause of these accidents by setting up surveillance cameras on the Kyobashi station.

Kyobashi station is a part of the Osaka Loop Line and is close to the busy district of Umeda; during certain times of the day trains run at every couple of minutes. The surveillance cameras will look for clues that the possible passenger is under the influence– such as them swaying while walking across the platform or taking their sweet time sitting on the bench. The cameras will then alert one of the station attendants, who is then required to go see whether this passenger is in need of assistance.

Don’t worry about being punished or shamed for it though, as the cameras will not be used to identify individuals. If the cameras do increase passenger safety, it is expected that they will be installed in several other stations.


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