3:59 AM

Gillian Anderson, one of the X-Files' main protagonists, has ventured on a path to become an author. Her first book, according to the author herself, about a rational and self-aware woman was everything BUT Dana Scully. And now she’s co-writingan apparently “revolutionary self-help guide” focused on women with Jenifer Nadel.

The book titled WE investigates all different needs and desires of women of all ages, and speaks to anyone who identifies as a woman. According to Anderson, the book is not meant as a political treatise; however it deals with women’s rights, their position in the world and at workplace and does include some open feminist views. After all, many of the characters she played during her career were open feminists, so Anderson’s working on this project really shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone.

Even the release date of the book is somewhat revealing being scheduled for March 8, 2016 – on the International Women’s Day!


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