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After American record sales on the opening ”Furious 7” its debut in China on Sunday (April 12) equaled the earnings in United States. Preliminary results say it may have set the all time record for China.

On Doublan (Chinese movie website) it is said that the movie made $66.04 million on Sunday. Universal studios reported the earnings to $68.6 million, however on other websites you can find the number RMB410 million, that comes to about $67,2 million.

On April 3rd the film scored incredible $67.4 million for the North American premiere.

The 7th sequel of the “Fast & Furious” franchise made $8.2 million in its midnight showings in Cina, sais Doublan.

The film beat all the records in China in the midnight screenings, opening day and singe day earnings.

To compare, the previous best midnight record was “only” $3.44 million (RMB@21 million) by “Transformers: Age of Extinction”

This movie, which premiered on a Saturday, also held the record for opening day earnings with $36,6 million (RMB223 million).

“Transformers 4” is still holding the record for overall highest grossing film with RMB1.98 billion (US$319 million, or $325 million at current rates.), but we will se how long will it hold this record.

The movie was played in 3D, IMAX and China Giant Screen versions. “‘Furious 7′ is one of the most anticipated films for 2015” said Chen Jiande, IMAX Cnina CEO.

By the words of the Chinese director FengXiaogang, “Furious 7” represented a great pressure for all Chinese film-makers.

“Furious 7” should keep these records for a while. The upcoming movies on Beijing film festival that could but are unlikely to jeopardize these records are “Mortdecai” opening on April 17th and Hong Kong crime-action movie “Helios” set on April 30th.


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