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After its initial announcement during CES 2015 in January the Alcatel OneTouch has finally hit the shelves and is available for pre-order.

By integrating a new OS designed by them, Alcatel enables their new smartwatch to connect to Android devices like tablets and smartphones and Apple’s iPad and iPhone.

The award-winning ALCATEL ONETOUCH Watch is a slim, stylish, affordably priced smart watch for everyone. Compatible with both Android and iOS smartphones, the Watch packs an array of easy-to- use apps for tracking your health, monitoring alerts and controlling your music and camera. Complete with built-in USB charging and an efficient battery, the ALCATEL ONETOUCH Watch gives users the best experience and long battery life for staying connected on-the-go.

For the cost of $149, which is Alcatel OneTouche pre-order price you will get a 1.22 circular display, a health tracker and an IP67 rating.

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